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City Island's #1 Spot for Fresh Lobsters, Prime Steaks and Signature Cocktails.

Our Story Behind The Scenes


One of the ten best- rated seafood restaurants since 1946 ; the Lobster Box continues to be a favorite place to both celebrities and people alike. Famous for our authentic food, Lobster Box offers variety of delicious dishes, ranging from steamed and baked lobsters, King crab legs, surf and turf, oysters Rockefeller and the famous Bang-Bang shrimp. From John Wayne's favorite Clam bake, Frank Sinatra's Lobster Oreganato and most recently, Andy Garcia's favorite bar food spot to be, during the filming of City Island, the Lobster Box is the place to be. Here, you can find something for everyone to enjoy from our wide-ranged menu. Only a short ride away by subway or bus, the restaurant is located in City Island, at the edge of the Bronx, overlooking breath-taking views of Long Island Sound.

Whether you are enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight, or gathering after work, or a corporate function, everything about the Lobster Box makes you feel you belong. From our professional, friendly staff, to our delightful nautical atmosphere and a large lounge, with two plasma TV's and three dining rooms for various events, you are sure to savor our delectable, fresh food in generous portions, and make the Lobster Box visit an experience to remember.

Along with amiable dinner companions, good wine paired with an exceptional food makes for a great meal.


Our wine list offers a variety of wines from the nearby and Californian regions as well as a variety of blends from various countries around the world.

Whether it is a crisp, clean Pinot Grigio, paired with a perfectly steamed broiled lobster or a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or a velvety berry flavored Merlot, paired with your mouth-watering surf and turf, we make sure that your wine is expertly matched with your meal.

If you enjoy a beer or a cocktail rather than a glass of wine, our bar offers fresh hand-squeezed juices with our cocktails and regionally sourced beers and small-batch bourbons, we keep it fresh. And we're not just talking about ingredients and one-of-a-kind recipes. Our ongoing pursuit to shake things up (literally) makes our bar a cutting-edge experience.

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